EIP Annual Conference 2018

Better choices: the prognosis for policing

EIP18 was held at the College of Policing Conference Centre, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th September. Every police force in the United Kingdom was represented, alongside representatives from HMICFRS, the College of Policing and senior personnel from Police and Crime Commissioners’ offices.

The conference reflected the fact that the workload arising from demands for services continues to escalate in number and complexity, and is carried by fewer people, leading to very difficult choices being made about the provision of services. These choices determine the experience of service users, the wellbeing of the workforce and the ability to protect the public from a wide range of potential threats.

Faced with this, forces need to continuously adapt and adopt new ways of working; to realise the dividends from new technology and data analytics; and to do this at a pace; this places a different sort of demand on the systems that develop, support and sustain service provision.

The toll of workloads, difficult choices and an ever-present spectre of blame has direct consequences for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the people who are expected to intervene when others can’t, don’t or won’t.

At all levels, choices require: an understanding of demands; an understanding of capacity and capability; an appreciation of vulnerability, threat, harm and risk; and a knowledge of ‘what works and why it works’.

EIP18 asked us to consider whether our choices are well-founded. It brought together some of the most influential figures in policing, subject specialists, private sector partners and experts from other sectors, to offer a stimulating programme with a clear focus on improving the prognosis for policing by making better choices.

Participants explored how the service can capitalise on technological advances, challenge conventional thinking and equip both themselves and the service to make better choices and to face the future with increased confidence.

The conference was attended by chief officers, operational commanders, senior managers and those aspiring to leadership roles, especially those concerned with organisational and workforce development, change management and performance.

Click to view the final EIP18 programme.

You can also click on the links below to view .pdf versions of the presentation from most of the plenary and breakout sessions.


Plenary _ Drake_South Wales Police

Plenary_ Gash_UCL & Deloitte

Plenary_Innes_Cardiff University

Plenary_Kawalek_Loughborough University

Plenary_Muir_The Police Foundation



Plenary_Shepherd_Cardiff University


Plenary_Thompson_West Midlands Police



Breakout 1.1 Demand

Breakout 1.2 Integrated Assessments

Breakout 1.3 Scanning & Futures

Breakout 1.4 New Technology Law, Privacy & Ethics

Breakout 1.5 Core Skills & Knowledge

Breakout 1.6 Front Line Review

Breakout 2.1 Force Management Statements

Breakout 2.2 Cyber

Breakout 2.3 Demand on Cognitive Resources

Breakout 2.4 Neighbourhood Policing

Breakout 2.6 Policing 4.0

Breakout 3.1 Performance Management

Breakout 3.3 Domestic Abuse

Breakout 3.4 Probability & Uncertainty

Breakout 4.1 Repeat Victimisation

Breakout 4.3 Organisational Development

Breakout 4.4 Service-User Insights

Breakout 4.5 Strategy

EIP Media Partner, Police Professional,  will be reporting on many of the conference sessions over the coming weeks.

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