Welcome to the official website for Excellence in Policing Events run by the National Police Chiefs’ Council Performance Management Coordination Committee.

EIP events are run ‘by the service, for the service’ through the National Police Chiefs’ Council Performance Management Coordination Committee, working in close association with the College of Policing, for the purpose of promoting continuous improvement.

EIP – Keeping you up to date

Many people involved in the management and delivery of policing have come to regard the annual EIP conference as one of the most valuable forums for keeping up to date with developments and gaining insights into what the future holds. Some of the most influential figures in UK policing share current thinking and subject experts contribute a wide range of case studies and ideas as to how quality policing can be delivered in a fast moving and economically challenging environment.

The EIP planning team continues to work hard to deliver the best possible value for money without compromising the quality and content of the events. The objective is to make EIP conferences as accessible as possible for police forces, partner organisations, stakeholders, regulators and government departments.

EIP events are not always open to delegates from commercial organisations, but where places are made available, considerations will be given to applications from organisations that are working with the service and wish to contribute to discussions about the future of policing.

Enquiries about sponsoring EIP Events should be directed to the conference manager using the form on our contact page

EIP On-Line Event – 29th & 30th September 2020
“What are you talking about?”

In view of the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, EIP20 moved on-line. The first EIP digital event took place on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th September and is being hailed a remarkable success. Delivered with support from IBM Ltd., and staged on their Watson Media platform, the event enabled all UK police forces to take part alongside public sector partners and key stakeholders.

EIP20 featured a wide range of keynote briefings by influential speakers and provided opportunities to interact through on-line chats, Q and A sessions and live polling. You can click here to view the EIP20 programme

EIP is staying on-line – 11th & 12th November 2021

Following the outstanding success of the EIP 2020 on-line event, we are delighted to announce that IBM Ltd has again agreed to stage EIP 21 on their Watson Media Platform.

Planning for EIP 21 is now underway and will open for registrations during April.  The event will follow the proven EIP format and feature keynote briefings by influential speakers; and provide opportunities to interact through on-line chats, Q and A sessions and live polling.

Participation in EIP 21 will be restricted to police organisations but a small number of ‘exhibitor tickets’ will be available to private sector organisations who wish to showcase products and services which support policing in the UK.  If you would like to discuss opportunities to exhibit at EIP 21, please use our contact form.

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