17th Annual EIP Conference

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th October 2017

College of Policing Conference Centre, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry

“Vital Signs”

As the title suggests, this year’s EIP Conference explored the ‘Vital Signs’ that help us monitor the health of our organisations and our readiness to meet current and future challenges. In doing so it considered the insights that we can gain through having access to unprecedented amounts of information and asked how they can be used to plan organisational development and operational activity.

Please clickhere to view the conference programme.

The presentations made by plenary speakers can be viewed as .pdf files below:

Zoe Billingham, HMICFRS
Robert Leach, Police ICT Company
Craig Mackey QPM, Metropolitan Police
Richard Potter, Microsoft
Andy Rhodes QPM, Lancashire Constabulary
David Robinson, Airwave
Simon Ruda, Behavioural Insights Team
Sara Thornton CBE QPM, NPCC
Rachel Tuffin OBE, College of Policing
Sir Thomas Winsor, HMICFRS

A selection of the breakout session presentations can also be viewed as .pdf files, others will be added subject to approval by the authors:

1.2 Child Centred Policing
1.3 Service User Insights
1.4: The impact of mental ill-health on demand
2.1: HMICFRS integrated PEEL assessments
2.2: Evidence Café taster session
2.3: The problem with evidence
2.4: Digital transformation
2.6: Situational awareness
3.1: The transformation framework
3.3: Future workforce
3.4: Tacit stress
4.1: Seven forces’ collaboration
4.3: Managing risk
4.4: Evolving technologies
4.6: Organisational development

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