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19th Annual EIP Conference: 16th & 17th September 2019

Insight: In search of cause and consequence

The 19thannual conference explored how the service can gain insights that support effective planning and enable the provision the right services in the right ways. The event was geared to challenge conventional thinking, capitalise on technological advances, and equip people to develop genuine insights that support well informed choices in the face of changing demands.

The four conference themes were:

  • Insights about demands, resources and cost
  • Insights from data and analytics
  • Insights from and about people
  • Implications for planning and performance

Delegates experienced well-informed, up-to-date briefings from keynote speakers from the NPCC, HMICFRS, the College of Policing, APCC, NHS and the Home Office, in addition to thought-provoking insights from leading academics and guest speakers.

Subject specialists hosted a wide range of presentations, case studies and discursive sessions to share learning and experience from across UK police forces and organisations.

The programme for EIP19 can be viewed by clicking here.

Presentation slides from many of the conference session can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Plenary Presentations:

Martin Hewitt – NPCC Perspective

Mike Cunningham – College of Policing Perspective

Keith Hunter – The PCC’s perspective

Dr Robin Fackrell – Insights from the National Health Service

Professor Peter Kawalek – Doing the Right Thing with Data

Richard Hobbs – Insights from the private sector

HMI Zoe Billingham – The State of Policing

Andy Rhodes – The Condition of Our Workforce

Kate Ardern – Insights from the Wigan Deal

Dr Peter Langmead-Jones – Police Performance management

Dr Monica Franco-Santos – Consequences of Performance Management

Ian Williams – Insights from Integrating, Managing, Analysing and Sharing Digital Information

Tracey Brown OBE – Understanding Cause and Consequence

Breakout Sessions:

1.1 PMCC Work on Demand and Resourcing

1.2 NHS Management of Demand, Resource and Cost

1.3 Insights from Activity Based Costing

1.4 The Excellence in Police Finance Programme 

1.5 Perennial Problems 


2.1 The Future of Inspection

2.2 The National Data Analytics Solution (NDAS) (Awaiting confirmation)

2.3 Insights from Data Science: Evaluation

2.5 Insights from Data Science: Vulnerability

3.1 Diversity, inclusion and insight: three sides of the same coin (awaiting confirmation) 

3.2 Insights from staff surveys and next steps

3.3 Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

3.4 Service User Insights

3.5 Isolation in the Workforce


4.1 Re-imagining Performance

4.2 Insights into Preparation and Performance from Elite and Ultra-Endurance Sports

4.3 The Importance of Having an Evidence Base to Practice

4.4 The art and science of decision-making

4.5 Life Outside Mainstream

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